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 SRCC OG-100 SRCC OG-100® Collector Certification:

If you are applying for an SRCC OG-100 collector certification, Please click here: Collector Certification.

To apply for certification of a PV Water Heating Collector, please click here: PVWH Collector Application.

SRCC OG-300 SRCC OG-300® System Certification:

If you are applying for an SRCC OG-300 residential system certification, note that basic and redesign applications require:

  1. Thermal performance data on all tanks used in the system. Please refer to SRCC™ TM-1 Solar Domestic Hot Water System and Component Test Protocols PDF Icon, published on the SRCC web page:

  2. The SRCC OG-300 Checklist Excel Icon that guides you through the SRCC OG-300 requirements. Fill out the checklist and upload it with your manual during the application process.

Use the links below to proceed with your SRCC OG-300 system application:

If you are interested in adding IAPMO/ANSI S1001.1 certification to your SRCC OG-300 certifications, please contact us at

SRCC ENERGY STAR® Certification:

If you would like to read the requirements and request an SRCC application for ENERGY STAR® certification, please click here: ENERGY STAR®.

ICC Evaluation Service ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) PMG Listing Program:

If you would like to apply for the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) PMG Listing Program, please click here: ICC-ES