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Test Labs

SRCC's certification program operating guidelines, test methods and minimum standards, and rating methodologies require the performance of nationally accepted equipment tests on solar equipment by independent labs which are approved by SRCC. Testing laboratories operating SRCC Approved Testing Programs provide testing services for manufacturers seeking certification of solar thermal collectors under the SRCC OG-100 program and system components (as applicable) under the OG-300 program. SRCC does not provide product or laboratory testing services. Manufacturers seeking testing services to support SRCC certifications independently select from among the SRCC Approved Testing Programs and contract directly with the testing laboratory to conduct the required testing.

Test results provide by SRCC Approved Testing Programs, are evaluated by SRCC as part of OG-100 application packages to determine solar thermal collectors' compliance with the minimum standards for certification and to calculate the performance ratings. Test results for specific components in a solar thermal system seeking SRCC OG-300 certification may also be required from a SRCC Approved Testing Program in accordance with the SRCC TM-1 document PDF Icon. The component test data is then used to develop model of the system for the purposes of calculating ratings under the SRCC OG-300 program. Such components include solar tanks, circulator pumps and heat exchangers. Note, however, that testing of individual components is not required in all cases for OG-300 certification, depending on the type of system and the options selected by the applicant. OG-300 applicants work with SRCC staff to determine if any component testing will be required for a given system.

Testing laboratories participating in the SRCC Approved Testing Program are inspected to ensure they have the testing equipment, qualityTest Labs 2 controls, staff expertise necessary to provide data to support certifications under SRCC's programs. SRCC certifications are designed to provide performance ratings that can be compared, and consistent test methods are essential. Labs are also instructed on the proper format of test reports submitted to SRCC to ensure that all certifications are processed in the same way and in a timely fashion. SRCC also provides updates to participating labs on the latest developments in the program and revisions to testing and certification procedures. Labs, in turn, provide important feedback on testing processes, to allow for continuous improvements.

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